7 Ways to Boost Your God-Confidence 

  1. Read about the UNLIKELY people God used throughout the Bible.  If you read the text honestly, you’ll have to admit that when God wants to accomplish something in planet earth he does two things:  Chooses the “wrong” person then comes up with a “dumb” idea!

  2. Study church history.  Every man and woman used by God has had flaws.  And some of his most powerful servants had plenty of them!  God is not looking for perfect people because there aren’t any.

  3. Give yourself permission to say NO.  A lot.  Often when we say Yes to people, we’re saying No to God.  And when we say No to people, we are actually saying Yes to God.

    “People will always ask you to do more than God requires.”

    Hearing from God gives you the confidence to say, “No, that’s not my call…at least not in this season.”

  4. Deliberately slow down.  Choose, by a decision of your will, to put your soul at rest.  God’s not in a hurry and he doesn’t keep pace with us when we run at a hurried or frantic rate.

  5. Intentionally quiet down. Turn down the volume of your life.  In particular, pull away from secular media  We can’t have confidence in someone we don’t have a relationship with–and you can’t have a relationship without hearing.  Hearing requires quiet.

    “In confidence and quietness is your strength”
    Isaiah 35:10

  6. Keep a short account with God.  Confess your sins daily and repent (repent just means to agree with God).   A clean slate with God is the most amazing confidence booster!!!

    The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.  Isaiah 32:17

  7. Remember the One who is sending you.  Gideon had zero self-confidence.  But God knew that didn’t matter.  What he needed was confidence in the one who was sending him.  “Am I not sending you?”  (Judges 6:14)  When God sends us, he commits the very resources of heaven to the assignment, so we can go with complete confidence.