Soul at Rest, Body in Motion ! Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

Soul at Rest, Body in MotionHow would your life be different if your soul (your thoughts, decisions/actions and feelings) was at complete peace and your body was fully energized throughout the day, working exclusively on your pre-determined priorities?
Our most popular class by far!  Come journey with us for 21 days and you will be astonished at the transformation you experience!  Discover:
  • The REAL CAUSE of excess weight -- find out the hidden connection between clutter (mental, emotional and physical) and those stubborn pounds you've been unable to shake! And how to solve it!
  • How to get more done by devoting more time to rest and reflection.  Yes, do less and get more done!  Crazy but true.
  • Top 12 Time Management Tips that put your soul at rest and your body in motion
  • How to definite The Ultimate You and a plan to become the woman you've always dreamed you could be.
  • A practical formula for creating your Ultimate You Mission Statement to share your daily priorities.
  • How to live Gloriously -- yes, reflecting God's glory by living beautifully.
  • What it means to practice self-mastery -- and how rewarding it is to lead a blessed (enviable) life.
  • A new way of living that focuses on the real source of your roadblocks: your own soul.
  • So much more !!!

Top 7 Signs That You Need This Class

  1. Clutter (physical, mental or emotional)Soul at Rest, Body in Motion 2D
  2. Weight issues (too thin or too heavy)
  3. Chronic financial lack
  4. Health issues, especially chronic conditions
  5. Accidents, bumps, bruises, breaking things, losing things
  6. Poor self-management skills: time, household, personal
  7. Strained relationships: spouse, kids, church - usually from things we’ve said, promises we haven’t kept (implied promises)

Don't Go It Alone

Let's face it.  You've tried going it alone.  You've lost the same 10-25 pounds over and over again.  You've made the same New Year's Resolutions for decades.  It's time to bring in the reinforcements.  Time to get the help you need....and your loved ones deserve.  They want to live with the Ultimate You: the woman with her Soul at Rest and her Body in Motion.   Our staff is here to empower you to become a Soul at Rest...and a Body in Motion. A body that is empowered, energized and enthusiastically moving forward in life. Enroll right away.

Here's What You'll Receive:

      • Ebook containing 21 days of teaching on Soul at Rest, Body in Motion
      • Lifetime access to 15 hour-long teaching sessions featuring Donna Partow and Deborah Lovett--accessible online or as an mp3. You can return to this material again and again!
      • 24/7 Access to Donna, Deborah and the other class participants on a Private Facebook Group.
      • 24/7 Accountability in key areas through the use of technology and required reporting

Listen to the Introductory Teleseminar

What Others Are Saying

I know someone said something similar last night, but after tonight's call I say: "This class is the BEST thing I've ever bought for myself, my husband, our marriage, and our future! The BEST investment I've ever made in myself! Thank you so much dearest Donna, Deborah, and everyone in the class! Love you guys! XO - Maria The Lord is letting you guys in my head! I feel like I've stepped into a rushing river of God at work, for too long I've just been sitting be a babbling brook just dipping my toe in! Thank You Donna & Deborah I feel so blessed to be under your anointed teaching! - Ann Marie I have never had anyone ever pray for me like that and it was the most powerful experience I have ever had and I am going to be 50! Thank you Jesus for Donna and this class and all the wonderful ladies in this group! - Norma This class, Soul at Rest, Body in Motion, has given me much needed mobility and clarity. I had been stuck in a foggy place with a seeming inability to move. With these sessions, I can wholeheartedly say I have gained great clarity and been empowered with the ability to move to do what needs to be done. Donna and Deborah's words probed and prodded in the dark spots to help me see things I had been unwilling to look at and they helped me clear away the barriers set up by pride and inertia. Their clear connection with God has placed solidarity under every pillar that they built in this program. Donna and Deborah's unselfish sharing and devotion have been evident from the start. It's definitely a God thing! I look forward to more from Woman's Empowerment University. -- Dani It has gotten me motivated which I needed for years, even though I've had a hard time with my marriage breaking up, and last week my 13 yr old dog had to be put down. I have really benefited from the wisdom and challenge, and excited to see what the Lord has in my future. Donna and Deborah are 2 very spiritual and wonderful coaches, speakers & authors. Their love for Jesus just shines through, even through the phone, computer, books, wow! -- Nancy This class has been my accountability partner, to be strengthened, motivated, and encouraged to do what I know to do. My focus word from the Lord for this year has been DISCIPLINE. The desire of my heart has been for the restoration of my mind and mental clarity to redefine my priorities God's Way. Donna and Deborah, you have been my cheer leaders, my mentors, and my coaches. Thank you for being examples of lives lived for Christ in a practical and powerful way. I feel EMPOWERED! -- Teresa

About Your Course Instructors

Donna PartowDonna M.Power-Partow, Founder of Women's Empowerment University. Donna has authored 28 books with sales in excess of 1.1 million. She's delivered thousands of keynote messages on 6 continents; equally effective empowering pastors gathered in a mud hut in Africa or employees at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Donna has a unique ability to empower her listeners to make significant life decisions and implement life change. As a coach, she is insightful, encouraging...and challenging deb lovett   Deborah Lovett, Senior Faculty with Women's Empowerment University. Deborah is an author, speaker and insightful life coach with a unique ability to cut through to the heart of the matter. She lost everything she owned in a devastating house fire, but in the ashes discovered two astonishing gifts that changed the trajectory of her life. She also discovered a new mission: Calling women to arise. She brings profound wisdom and practical life experience to every course she teaches and every person she coaches.  If your church or women's event is looking for an inspiring speaker for an upcoming event, look no further than Deborah Lovett.