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Team with Donna


Welcome to Team with Donna.


How much do I earn?

You earn 50% commission on most programs, including Take Your Message to the World, The 90-Day Jumpstart and Drop a Size.  The 90-Day Renewal pays a flat rate of $50 per referral.

How Often Do I Get Paid? 

Commissions are paid out once per month. However, there is a 30 day delay in payment to allow for refunds.  So if you sell a class today, you will be paid in approximately 60 days.

What Are the Most Popular Classes to Promote?

By far, our most popular program is The 90-Day Renewal.  It is our flagship program.

How Do I Set Up an Account?

Click here to get started with our Affiliate Program hosted by Samcart.  It's quick, free and you are under no obligation.

Where Do I Log In to Access My Affiliate Account?

Our Affiliate Program is run through Samcart.  Click here to log in.