I’m so glad we found each other today. If you’re looking for spiritual power and practical strategies to change your life, we’ve got something in common. In my books and through my training programs, you’ll discover inspiration and practical help to become:

  • Spiritually Strong: Walking day-by-day in the power, presence and principles of God.
  • Physically Fit: Able to wake up each day feeling fabulous; able to put on your favorite outfit, roll up your sleeves and tackle the demands of the day with energy to spare.
  • Professionally Polished: Always on the cutting edge of the latest technology tools so you can work less, earn more and most important: help more people!
  • Relationally Rich: Enjoying meaningful communication and connection with family, friends and colleagues. Understanding others…and feeling understood.
  • Mentally Sharp: Learning and growing, committed to constant personal and professional development.
  • Practically Wise: Able to manage your daily affairs with ease, grace and excellence.
  • Financially Free: Making a life, not just a living, doing something you absolutely love–armed only with your passion, your purpose, a laptop and a smartphone (Wouldn’t it be neat to live and work anywhere in the world?)

If those sound like your highest aspirations, guess what? You’ve just found your Tribe. It’s called Women’s Empowerment University. (I’m the Founder.) To welcome you to our wonderful community, please accept a gift from my heart to yours.  It’s our beautiful, full-color visual ebook, Healthy Living A-Z: 26 Quick & Even Fun Ways to Feel Better Now.


Donna Partow

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