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Welcome to The Frequently Asked Questions About Unleash The Power Of God course.


Q: What’s the password for __________? +

A. The password for everything is always: prayer

Please do not share the password or other course content with anyone who is not enrolled in the class.  All audios, videos, transcripts, etc, are copyright protected.  Thank you.

Q: I’m passionate about the Power of God and am aware of lots of other great resources that go along with this class. Plus I have my favorite ministries that I follow! Should I share all of this outside material in the Facebook Group? Wouldn’t that be a big help? +

A. Actually, no.  This class includes 30 videos, LIVE webinars, 4 pre-recorded hour-long teaching audios, plus many will be following along in my book, Becoming A Vessel of God’s Power.

Everyone is on information overload already.  Introducing outside material, no matter how wonderful it seems to you, becomes a distraction.  Plus we have many people from around the world who come from different cultures and theological backgrounds.  So we want to be sensitive to that.  And monitoring what is posted by individuals, and making individual case-by-case judgement calls about what to keep and what to delete creates extra work.

And invariably, individuals get their feelings hurt because one person’s outside post is permitted while his/hers is deleted.

So please, refrain from posting outside material, no matter how wonderful.  You can and should post it on your own personal Facebook profile.

Q: Do I need to print the Course Ebook? +

A. No, although you are welcome to do so if you would like. Be aware that some print shops may be unwilling to print it for you because of the copyright protection.

Q: Can you provide Fasting Guidelines? +

A. Yes.  This document links to many WEU resources for fasting.

Q: Help! I’m getting too many emails. What can I do? +

A. Every email sent by the autoresponder has an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. You can access all the exact same material right here at this website instead.

Q: Help! I’m not getting ANY emails. What can I do? +

A. That means your email service and my elist service don’t like each other.  Try adding me to your Safe Senders list following these instructions.  If that doesn’t work, then there’s nothing either of us can do.

Just follow along using the ebook or this website.

Pay extra close attention on the Facebook Group and/or Live Sessions. All of the same information is communicated via the FB Group and the Sessions.

Q: I’m getting too many Facebook Notifications. It’s making me bonkers. +

A. Notifications are a personal setting in your Facebook Account and are outside of our control. Here are the steps to change your Notifications:

1) Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner of Facebook

2) Click Account Settings

3) Click Notifications (menu on the left hand side of your screen)

4) Review the list of options and make your selections

5) Next click Group Activity and find Power of God.

6) Next to Power of God, notice the additional options

Q: Do I have to be part of the Facebook Group? +

A. No. But remember: the step most people miss is Accountability. And all accountability for this program takes place on the Facebook Group. I strongly encourage you to join.

Q: I’m so excited about what I’m learning and what I’m seeing in the private Facebook Group. Is it okay for me to share all this great stuff with my Facebook friends? +

A. We are so happy you are being blessed.  And we are especially glad you want to share the journey with others. The way to do that is by encouraging them to enroll in one of our WEU classes.

By all means, PLEASE share your enthusiasm for WEU.  We so appreciate it!!!

But please do not share anything posted in the private Facebook Group or share ANY course content (all of which is copyright protected) with anyone who has not paid to enroll.  WEU relies solely on student registration to continue operating. Thank you so much for understanding.

Q: If I have questions or am excited about something, can I just email Donna personally or send her a private Facebook message? +

A. ALL questions should be asked on the Facebook Group or on the Live calls.  If God is doing something amazing in your life, everyone wants to hear about it, not just Donna!

Q: I have a prayer request. Should I post it to the Facebook Group? +

A. We have a created a Virtual Prayer Room where you can post your prayer requests.  Do not post them on the main page; post them in the special Prayer Room, which is carefully monitored by our Prayer Facilitators.

I think that covers everything, if not please stop by the Facebook Group. There are many people who would love to help you!