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Welcome to The Frequently Asked Questions About The 90-Day Jumpstart course.


Below are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the 90-Day Jumpstart and Becoming the Woman God Wants Me To Be.

Q:  Am I supposed to buy every item Donna mentions in the entire book?

A:  Not at all. The book is more than 350 pages in length!  I'm not sure anyone could afford to buy every item mentioned, even if they wanted to.  It is intended as a comprehensive reference guide.  Only buy resources you have immediate plans to use and which seem applicable to your lifestyle and that you can afford to obtain.

Q: What if I can't immediately overhaul every area of my life that is mentioned in the book?

A:  Well, then, you are perfectly normal!  The book is intended as a resource manual you can return to over and over again throughout your lifetime.  Take what you need and leave the rest for a later time.  If something mentioned on one page doesn't apply to you, that's okay!  For sure, there will be plenty of great stuff for you on one of the other 349 pages!  An idea that doesn't appeal to you might be just the answer one of your sisters is looking for.  It's all good and we are all in this together!

Q: Do I have to join the Facebook Group?

A:  Not at all.  If being part of an online community is something you are open to, we would love to welcome you with open arms and open hearts.  If it's not for you at this time, no worries at all.  You can work through the course material on this website at your own pace.

Q: If I have questions or comments, should I call or email Donna personally?

A: Donna receives hundreds of email each day and cannot respond to each one.  WEU is a small, volunteer-run ministry and we do not have paid staff available at this time to personally respond via phone or email.  HOWEVER, we have an amazing team of loving volunteers who would be thrilled to answer any question you may have on the Facebook Group.  You are also welcome to ask Donna any questions (and share your prayer requests with her) during one of our live chapels.  We love you and we are here to serve you.

Q: I'm having technical problems with my account.
A: Please complete this form:  http://womensempowermentuniversity.com/contact-us/

Q: I feel lost! Websites, Facebook Groups, webinars, what??!?!
A: We have a shepherdess who specializes in helping lost sheep!  You can email her: tina@donnapartow.com