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A new 7-Day Menu will be added each month.


For 16 years, I have advocated “little bits with consistency” as the best approach to permanent weight loss.  You will notice that my book, Becoming the Woman I Want To Be, introduces  gradual dietary and lifestyle changes over the course of 90 days.  First, change what you do first thing in the morning (lemon water instead of coffee or tea).  Next, change your breakfast.  Then change your lunch.  Weeks later, we change dinner. Gradual change.

I have always resisted the idea of handing people a fixed menu and saying, “Eat This.”  I’ve focused on the larger issue of “What’s Eating You” rather than “What You are Eating.”  But “What’s Eating” many of you is your inability to lose weight.  Many women want to see immediate results.  If they don’t, they give up before the Holy Spirit has been given the opportunity to do a deeper work.

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to respond to the many requests to “Just tell me what to eat!  Just give me a shopping list and menu plan!”  My hope is that providing this new resource (a new 7-Day Menu each month) will enable some women the emotional and mental space to focus more intently on the true issues of spiritual and soul health.

If you already know “the last thing I need is another menu plan or another person telling me ‘eat this, not that,'” then stick with the gradual, incremental plan as laid out in the course materials, including my book, Becoming the Woman I Want To Be.   Thousands of women have lost weight in the 90-Day Renewal without a fixed menu and eating plan…and you can, too.

On this page, you’ll find a 1-Week Meal Plan & Shopping List.  Also, many people ask which products I personally use, so I have gathered them on one page for you. Click here.

Meal Plan & Shopping List

Decision-Free 7-Day Meal Plan for February

7-Day Rejuvenation Meal Plan for March

7-Day Nourishment Meal Plan for April