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Welcome to The Renewal Lifestyle Club. Access your Welcome content here.


Welcome to the Renewal Lifestyle Club.   I've recorded a quick video explaining some special gifts and orientation material (which are linked below the video).

Please keep in mind we originally only allowed 90-Day Renewal alumni to join the club.  We have since opened the doors to a wider audience.  Once you are an alumni of the Renewal (you must enroll in one paid semester), your RLC membership includes FREE access to all future Renewal semesters as long as you remain a member of the club.  If you have never taken the Renewal, you can register for the next semester at www.donnapartow.com/yes

Download the video slides.

Resting Place Soaking Music

Scripture Memory Verses


The Gambling Spirit


The Power of Vision (video below):


New You: 7 Secrets of Healthy Women

This video is a great introduction to the principles and practices of the Renewal Lifestyle Club: