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Welcome to The Special Blessings Prayer course. Access your Welcome Training content here.


I am so excited that you’ll be joining me for The Special Blessings Unleashed class. Everything you will need for this class is found right here on this membership site.  You’ll want to be sure to bookmark it.

You'll be studying my book, The Special Blessings Prayer.  You should  begin reading it right away.  it is available in paperback or Kindle edition, you may purchase either or both at Amazon.com

You can download a printable copy of the prayer to tuck in your Bible.  I've also recorded an audio version for you to pray along.

At the heart of this study is creating your "list."  I have created a Special Blessings List template in 3 different formats:

Click here to download as a printable pdf document, so you can write your list by hand.

Click here to access an excel spreadsheet.

Click here to access the Mac Numbers spreadsheet.