Week 3
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Welcome to The 90-Day Jumpstart course. Access your Daily videos here.

Week 3 Audio: Healthy Eating & Fasting Tips

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Day 15

Day 16

We have a terrific resource for fasting!  It's called The Breakthrough Fast, created by WEU's medical adviser, Dr. Kristin Jacobsen.  Just $7 .  Order here.

I've also published a number of helpful articles and other resources available here.

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Click here to download the Menu Planner & Grocery List.  Remember that this program was originally created before Smartphones!  So if you'd prefer to use Smartphone Apps, feel free.

Days 20-21

Meal Delivery Services have become extremely popular and for good reason!  You can get fresh, organic, high-quality ingredients on your door step, with easy-to-follow recipes that you literally can't mess up.

Although it might seem more expensive than buying your own ingredients, it isn't.  If you need a teaspoon of paprika, that's how much you receive.  You don't have to buy an entire bottle that then sits on the shelf, aging and losing taste and nutritional value, for the next five years!

I have personally used and can recommend the following (in order of my personal preference):

Green Chef
Home Chef
Hello Fresh

Please note if you use the above links, I may receive a discount on my own future orders.