February 2020
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Finding Rest: Creating a Sanctuary

    1. Walk as close to sunrise as possible; consider "grounding" or "earthing" by having your bare feet touch the ground during at least part of that time.
    2. No electronic screens within an hour of bed
    3. Room set to 68 degrees
    4. Take a warm bath 2 hours before sleep
    5. Sleep in cozy socks (if you tend to be cold at night)
    6. Sleep no later than 10pm
    7. Resist the 2nd Wind that hits late in the evening. it is designed to heal your body not fuel more waking activity.
    8. Sleep in 90 minute intervals to avoid interrupting sleep cycles. This will take some careful analysis. And to answer Luanne's question more clearly: Yes, a Fitbit is extremely helpful when you are trying to determine what time you need to sleep and rise in order to get the correct amount of actual sleep. (ie. Going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 5am is NOT the way to get 7 hours of sleep. Waking up at 6am might be.
    9. Include nutrients that promote healthy sleep:Selenium - Brazil nuts
      Vitamin C - Strawberries, citrus
      Tryptophan - Eggs; sweet potatoes, almonds
      Potassium - Banana, leafy greens, avocado
      Calcium -Kale, sesame seed
      Vitamin D - Sunrise!
      Omega 3 - Chia, Pumpkin and flax seeds
      Melatonin - Walnuts, pineapple
      B6 -Yogurt, Cashews
      Prebiotic - Pickles, kefir, kombucha
      Magnesium - topical, Epsom salt bath
    10. Turn off all electronics in the house
    11. Use an automatic timer to turn off wifi while you sleep
    12. Use a light alarm to gradually wake up to increasing light, then sound
    13. Consider an EMF shield for your bed (it's expensive!)
    14. Buy a mattress cover, better sheets and pillowcases (I found deals at Ross & Marshalls)
    15. Use a meditation app like Abide or listen to Fady's Soaking music
    16. Add houseplants like English ivy and jasmine, which promote cleaner air.
    17. Consider cracking a window while you sleep - or at least for an hour per day to freshen the air in your bedroom
    18. A waterfall releases ions into the air and stimulates the brain
    19. Install light-blocking curtains. Even a drop of light on your body can disrupt sleep. If that doesn't work, buy a silk sleep mask.