March 2019
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30 Days in the Presence of God's Power

For this month's RLC, we'll be completing Donna's  class, 30 Days in the Presence of God's Power.  You have been enrolled in it, free of charge.   You can access all course materials by clicking here.  The Daily Videos will also be posted to the Facebook Group for discussion.

In addition, you are also encouraged to obtain a copy of Rennie's book, Give Pray Fast.  It's available now on Kindle for $4.99 (and will be on sale next week for FREE).  However, it is designed as a journal, so you may want to get the paperback copy.

Rennie has created an adorable line of Give Pray Fast Products which you can view here.

For this month's contest, we will be giving away a Grand Prize of Give Pray Fast products to include: mug, water bottle, tote bag and journal.  5 runners up can choose any one of those items.

The details are explained in the video.  Be sure to participate!